Completed Projects

1964 Avanti: owner- Russ Farris

This car began as just a "paint-job"- It came out so nice, we decided to
restore the interior and detail the engine compartment.

1995 SDC International Meet, Dearborn Mi. 1st place winner 395/400 points


1960 Lark Regal Convertible: Owner- Johnny Allgood

Completed in 1995, this photo is from 2005 at the NCSDC Tri-State Meet
This car takes many 1st place trophies in local meets, SDC meets, and Best-of-Show
at the 1995 SE Zone Meet in Myrtle Beach SC.

1961 Hawk- Owner: Lee Aanderud 

This car was shipped to me from Arizona in boxes! Begun in 2001, It was completed in 2003

2004 SDC International Meet First Place winner 387/400 points
Complete Phantom Autoworks Interior, Installed AC and Delco Alternator (2005)

1963 Avanti: Owner- Brian Scott

This car was in good physical condition, but the body had many paint flaws, body stress-cracks,
poor previous body repairs, and other problems. The interior was awful! Late 70's Crushed velour
covering EVERYTHING! This car was rebuilt to be a "Driver".

The real challenge was the interior: Before and After

Completed in early 2002

 1961 Hawk-  Owner: Brad Treganowan

Car loaded and ready for the trip from Michigan to North Carolina: March 15, 2003

During restoration:

Interior: Before and After

 Completed 2004: 2004 SDC International Meet First Place winner 394/400 points

1962 GT Hawk: Owner- Winn Beckner

I wish I had a good photo of what I started with... but I didn't get this car in "one piece". What I got was a frame,
then the engine and tranny, and then the bare body shell from another car. Many good used body panels were acquired,
along with using some of the original parts. This car was built from "several" others...
Complete Phantom Autoworks Interior. R134 AC Conversion, Custom brackets + Chrysler 70 amp Alternator added.

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