Completed Projects: Part II

1957 Silverhawk: Built for Rene' Harger (owner of Phantom Autoworks) - Body and Paint, Chassis and Engine Detailing. I completed my work in 1996. Phantom Autoworks installed the interior and trim. The car was later sold, and the new owner (Harold Williams) took 1st place at the SDC International Meet in South Bend 1997 389/400 points. This car also graces the cover of the August 1998 Turning Wheels.


1951 Chevrolet Convertible: Owner-Ron Fichthorn- My brother and I pulled this car out of a "Vintage Iron"  junkyard in Easley, SC. We rebuilt it in my basement over a 6-year period (1989-94). Probably my favorite set of photos of all time (we have 200 photos of this restoration) - showing what "can" be done...... even by what was then a "backyard bodyshop"...

From this:


To this:


1955 Speedster "clone": Owner- Bill Cheek

1961 Mercedes 190SL Roadster: owner Thom Bryan

1971 BMW 2002: Owner Thom Bryan

1967 Avanti: Owner Brian Scott

(trying to find a good current photo)

1962 GT Hawk: owner- Richard Sunding

1950 Starlite Coupe:

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