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1963 GT Hawk: This car was rebuilt in my basement in 1992

1964 Lark Cruiser: Owners- Grayson and Jackie Lockhart
This is the first car I truly "restored" for a customer. It included the engine/trans rebuild/detailing. all mechanicals, interior, chrome,
weatherstrip, glass, gauges, paint and bodywork. Nearly everything was NOS or rebuilt. It was done entirely in my basement.
Completed in 1989. Cost: $6200- which was an outrageous sum to put into a Studebaker Lark in 1989.


1960 Lark Regal 4dr: Owner- Lester Moon. This was the 2nd car I rebuilt for someone else. For some reason- I did not take photos at that time. The car was solid, but very rough. It was stored under a tree for 27 years... if that gives you an idea. It was completed in 1990. This photo is from the 2006 NCSDC Tri-State Meet. A testament to the care given by the current owners.

1964 Cruiser: owner Bill Huff     Stripped and repainted. The car was in great shape but the paint was faded and Bill hated the green. The only bodywork was a few door dings.


1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible: disassembled, stripped, engine detailed, color-change including door jambs and trunk, LOTS of work needed to rebuild the rear wheelwells. 


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