1963 Avanti

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This is the story of a 1963 Avanti. When purchased, it was a decent-driveable Avanti, that had been repainted and a custom interior installed sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. The paint was showing it's age, and was damaged in several areas. The interior was in fair condition, but the new owner wanted to put an original-style interior back in it's place.

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Here's the car being disassembled. A couple close-ups of the peeling paint situation. The areas where the paint is peeling will be stripped and feather-edged until it does not "flake" anymore. The lower right quarter panel has a deep scratch- all the way down to the fiberglass. Spilled gasoline has caused the paint around the gas door, and top of the left quarter to crinkle and peel. 

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"Really Bad" 70's Crushed Velour Interior had to be removed.... Replaced with an original style Elk/Fawn interior

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Another problem with this "driver" was a poorly fitting drivers door. You can "click on the above photos to see them Full-Size. It's hard to see, but you will notice a crack around the upper hinge mounting plate retainer inside the door. As seen in later photos, the inner panel will need to be removed to provide access to the mounting area for reinforcement

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Here you will see a comparison of the "fit" of the park light lenses. The previous prep work for paint ground away the fiberglass around the right park light.

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Here is a view of the park light socket being rebuilt with "Alumafill II" bodyfiller compound. This is a very strong aluminum impregnated filler that does not absorb moisture like regular body filler. I wanted something stronger to rebuild the thin edges of the park light housing.