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1960 Champ 1/2-Ton

The previous owner had entered this truck in a recent "Ugly Truck Contest" in Pidgeon the Street-Rod Festival a couple years ago. If you look close at the pictures that follow, you will see why...

A 'lil bit about the truck:

I couldn't get a good picture of the left side due to that car being in the way.....

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The bed and tailgate are very nice... just some surface rust... no major rust through!

Dash Engine

The dash and interior are in good condition, it even has a factory clock!  The engine runs, but has an off-idle miss, but it still moves under it's own won't stop though... the brakes need alot of work!

This was the first truck I'd come across that had everything I wanted in a tow-vehicle. First off, it's V-8- I looked at several nice 1/2 tons, but they were all 6 cylinders. It is also 3 speed/overdrive. This enhances the trucks "driveability" for me.... I plan on using it as my Daily Driver. And probably the most important thing- it's a Stepside Longbed. Apologies to those with the later "Wide Box" trucks... but this bed just seems a better "fit" with an old truck.

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