1974 Brunswick Chevron Cue:

I am the original owner of this cue. It was purchased at K-mart in 1974 for $14.95. It was my ONLY playing cue until 1983 when I bought an upper level Huebler H-14 (with a particularly good nights pool-winnings). This cue was used sparingly until the shaft was accidentally cracked at the joint around 1985- so it was shelved for 20 years. After the success of our first WilleeCue, I asked Willee if he could repair this cue for strictly sentimental reasons. I sent it to him, and he believed he could make a new shaft and save the old joint and cracked collar.  He also built a second shaft as a surprise. He really wanted to replace/repair the rather cheaply done MOP diamond inlays- but I insisted that they remain "original". I have now given this cue to my Son.