1927-1935 Brunswick
House-cue Conversion
By: Brent Hartman- BHQ
Cincinnati,  Ohio
Completed 4-28-2004

As purchased at an antique store in 2004.
Three cues, including a butterfly w/2 veneers for $10. Remnants of the original decal identified the cues as 1927-1935 Brunswicks.

I traded the butterfly cue to Brent , who agreed to build me a 60's Tribute cue similar to those built in the early 60's.

The cue boasted a massive 1.43" diameter handle.

Close-up of the points, and the 22 oz wood-burned stamp. 22 oz is hefty for a 56" cue.

Sanded- The wood is believed to be Iroko- African Teak

The points cleaned up nicely- There was plenty of meat on the cue, to eliminate any point tear-out from age. 

The cue was cut to insert a maple handle. I wanted the reverse points to end near the wrap. 
Lines were drawn across the cue to keep the wood grain  "clocked" to the right position.
A mortise and tenon was cut and a steel pin inserted.

Cue hanging in line after assembly of the handle. It's the 2nd from the left (1st pic below).


First few coats of finish after the joint and butt-cap were installed.
The joint pin is 3/8"-10. The black and white joint collars are original stock from the Brunswick Factory.
Sherm Adamson provided them to Brent. Notice how the points end near the wrap-groove.
Many early 2-piece cues made by Brunswick, Palmer, and even Balabuska, had these points disappear below the wrap.

The butt-cap is Atlas pearl rod similar to what was available in the 60's

Here the cue is on the lathe. I specified a white wrap with green flecks. This is the typical color of 60's wraps.

When The cue first arrived, I was not happy with the look of the wrap. I had a mental picture of it looking like a
cue from 1960. What I didn't think about was the wrap being NEW. It was bright and clean. So, for the first several days,
I continually wiped the wrap with my dirty hands, and rubbed it in. It started taking on the patina of a vintage cue in no time.

As requested, Brent built (2) matching shafts.

Brent changed the bumper to a more 60's looking bumper before sending me the cue.