WilleeCue for Linda
Cues built and restored by William Lee- Corpus Christi, TX  

Having a custom cue built is the only way to go. One gets to choose the design, wood, colors, materials, wrap, weight, taper, tip, length,  etc...  I have dealt with a few cue makers- and have owned a few Custom Cues-  but had never had a Custom built for me. After joining the RSB newsgroup in 2004 - I began corresponding with a relatively "new" cue maker named William Lee (WilleeCue) in Corpus Christi, Texas. He was interested in taking a good look at my Cognoscenti cue- to learn something about the construction, design, detailing, and materials- I guess to see what the "big deal" was with a high end cue.. In our discussions, I mentioned that I have also wanted a cue built for my wife- to look similar to my Cognoscenti. I didn't want a COPY- just the same woods, similar designs, etc.. It just wasn't practical to wait 4 years to have Joe Gold build me a $3000 cue for my wife to play with 10 times a year. I sent Willee my Cognoscenti- which he inspected and returned within 2 weeks. In a matter of a few months, he had completed my wife's WilleeCue. I was so surprised at the quality of the workmanship from an admitted "beginner" in the cue making business. But the thing that impressed me most was the cue's playability. It hits rock-solid. The balance and feel is nearly identical to my Cognoscenti. I'm sure the slight difference can be attributed to the heavier weight and coated wrap that my wife prefers. I will often switch to this cue when I'm just not hitting them well. For some unknown reason... it often helps get me out of my funk.

WilleeCue #1:
Cue Specs: 21 oz,  58",
Materials: Cocobolo Forearm & Buttsleeve, LP rings w/Micarta dashes, LP Buttcap & Joint Collars, Coated Black Linen Wrap, G-10 Joint Pin, Micarta Ferrules, Tiger Maple Floating Points, Micarta ovals-diamonds-lines.
Shaft sizes:12.75,  13.00,  and 13.2 (Ash)

A Photo from Willee after assembling the basic cue (top) to resemble my Cognoscenti (bottom) before inlaying.


The completed pair- a visual comparison:


Photos of completed cue: Cue w/3 Shafts- (2) maple standard shafts,  (1) Experimental ASH shaft