I would like to apologize to all who have tried to order Tailgate Letters over the last 6 months. I changed service providers and my e-mail address. My web-host had a problem, and reloaded my website from an older cached copy- with the outdated email address. I have tried to contact all that were affected. The address below is now correct.

***Self - Stick*** Heavy Duty Outdoor Vinyl ***Easy install***

RonsTailgate.JPG (661444 bytes)

Test letters installed on Ron Dame's '63 Champ Tailgate-
Installed at the Southeast Zone meet in Spartanburg, SC.
The process proved very easy, and took about an hour- I was being VERY careful.

Studebaker Truck Tailgate Letters

Long we have awaited a suitable choice for finishing the raised  Tailgate Lettering on our Studebaker Trucks. The original tailgates were painted using a stamped metal template. This would be the preferred method for a "SHOW" restoration, but creating or purchasing a template for everyone to use "one time" would be very costly. Until now, most of us have had to make due with trying to tape them off ourselves, or hiring a sign painter to add them to our tailgates.   While these methods produce suitable results, they are usually time consuming and expensive. As an alternative...We have taken the time to develop affordable reproduction letters in * weatherproof * self-adhesive vinyl. Just peel off the backing and stick them over the original tailgate letters. Detailed INSTRUCTIONS will be included to help you get the best results.

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Our most common colors: Antique White (very close to the original cream) and Black will be produced in High-Quality 7-Year Outdoor Vinyl. Our Tailgate Letter Kits are also available in a wide choice of other colors- using 5-year outdoor vinyl. You can choose from our stock colors, or one of the other special-order** colors.

Stock colors $35 per set:

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black.jpg (9594 bytes)       
white.jpg (4207 bytes)   
red.jpg (8391 bytes)        
maroon.jpg (8401 bytes)
Blueberry.jpg (9173 bytes)
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**Special-Order colors such as Chrome, Gold, Silver, Irridescents, or any Fluorescent Colors- will have to be special ordered, and the finished price will depend on vinyl cost and minimum amount purchased. Generally, the cost will be $35-$50 per set.

To see the additional color charts- Click HERE:   COLOR CHARTS

To Order:

Payment Methods: Pay-Pal, Check or Money Order-

 E-mail me directly at with your final order.
Include the number of sets, and color choices. Then remit $35 per set by
Check or Money Order to:
Ray Fichthorn
c/o Tailgate Letters
287 Ivy Yokeley Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27107

or payment can be made over the net with Pay-Pal. My Pay-Pal account
username is  They will notify me when payment is
completed. There is space provided on the form that will let you type in
your color choice. The link to the Pay-Pal site is:

Pay-Pal and Money Order purchases will be shipped immediately.
Orders will be held until personal checks clear.

Ray Fichthorn  287 Ivy Yokeley Rd. Winston-Salem, NC. 27107, Email