Studebaker Truck Tailgate Letter

John Poulos: "I just got a e-mail about the Studebaker tailgate letters by Ray. I figured this would be a good time to give them a recommendation. He sells them in most any color, they go on easy, are cheap and look great"

Bob Kabchef- '57 Transtar "PETE": "Steve, They're like vinyl appliqués. You float them onto the tailgate with some warm, soapy, water and work them onto the contours of the raised letters (easy to do). Then simply let them dry. Once on - they STAY on! I've had them on Pete now - for at least 7 years or so. Look like new still."


Andrew Powter's 1949 2R5:  "Your instructions were excellent and the letters went on like a dream about 3 hours total. I found some letters a bit difficult to get off the adhesive sheet but it worked out well. I used low heat on the (hair) dryer as I was concerned about my paint. It was warm enough.  I was also careful to avoid stretching the letters during removal."

Bob Barrick's 1956 C-Cab:   "as far as the letters go I floated them with windex...the biggest problem I had was on the curved ends of the letters , the letters are a little bigger then the raised part and the vinyl wants to wrinkle in the letter ends....I had to keep working the vinyl to mold around these places...spent the better part of this afternoon putting them on....but I'm pleased with the outcome."

Quote from Bob on the SDC Forum: "Received my gate decals today from Ray....took awhile to put them on but they look pretty good . I know I wouldn't have had a steady enough hand to paint them on thats for sure. Would recommend these to anyone thinking about it . These ones are the "antique white"  he carries."

Then, a follow-up response to a fellow Studebaker Forum member: "Tim, when you put yours on - use a hairdryer , Ray said that that helps to mold the decal around the shape of the letters (that would have probably saved me a couple of hours of fiddling) <g>"


Ron Dame- 1964 Champ Pickup

And they are not only for Studebaker Trucks!

Ebon Jones' Ford F-250:  "Here is how I used them- Ebon...( I always go in my Studebaker)"


Terry Overturf's Toyota: "PS: your vinyl tailgate letters work great. Put them on in May '05 and haven't had any problems. Sure gives the Toyota a sense of class"

Richard Knobloch: "Ray, Just thought you might like to view the finished product. Behold a 2007 Studebaker Ram. This might become a new product for you."