Installing a new Edelbrock 4-bbl carb on a Studebaker AFB Intake Manifold: (late ’62-’64)
by Ray Fichthorn

*Note: While this article pertains to an original AFB manifold, you can modify a 2bbl, or a WCFB manifold to also work. These converted 2bbl manifolds are available from SASCO, and modifying a WCFB manifold is pretty easy also.  

Edelbrock carbs: #1403 & #1404 (500 cfm for "stock V-8’s), #1405 & #1406 (600 cfm for R-series and "modified" V-8’s). I prefer the "electric choke" models. The choke circuit works nice- and is very easy to wire.

1) Remove and install 1/2" longer carburetor mounting studs. (or use correct length bolts)

2) Use adapter/gasket Heat Dissipator set Mr Gasket #98 - this will raise the carburetor ~ 1/2" -enough that the linkages will not hit the intake.

3) Hook up the linkage through one of the holes in the arm. You will see a large hole- I used the original Stude linkage rod - with 2 large washers.

4) You might have to slightly bend the tubes for the choke out of the way (right side of manifold).

In any instance- you will need to fabricate an adapter to use the original air cleaner. The Air horns on an Edelbrock are 5-1/8" and the AFB/WCFB’s are 4-7/32" There is no current aftermarket adapter for this...I drive our car using a generic 14" x 3" Chrome Air Cleaner- and just set the original air cleaner on for "shows". These carbs do not "breath" well through the small opening of the original air cleaner.

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