To remove the front coil springs from your Studebaker: refer to the photo below

  1. Remove the shock absorber and the sway bar before beginning the disassembly (I forgot -but did remove it after this picture was taken).

  2. Run a heavy chain from the front frame rail- underneath a good floor jack- and back to the frame rail behind the crossmember at "A". The jack must be located under the control arm- where the shock absorber mounts "D". It should NOT touch the bottom of the kingpin. DO NOT use blocks of wood,  or other material to make up any gap between the jack and control arm- instead, lower the car and shorten the chain. The jack must be able to lift high enough to compress the spring. 

  3. Run a "safety chain" (B) through the spring and around the lower control arm- leave about 10" of slack in the chain- to allow the lower control arm to drop enough to get the spring out.

  4. Jack the lower control arm up- until it takes the pressure off the upper control arm. Once it is high enough- remove the upper outer kingpin bushings (impact wrench and 1 1/16" socket) (C) . Then remove the pinchbolt for the upper pin. Remove the rubber bushing-seals, and slide the pin out of the upper control arm.

  5. Slowly release the pressure on the jack... and allow the spring to expand. Once the spring tension is off, remove the safety chain- and pull the spring out of the lower control arm. You can now remove the upper and lower control arms for complete disassembly.

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