Studebaker V-8 Starter Identification

The photo below shows 3 Studebaker Starters (12V). They can be identified by the length of the snout. There are differences in the  Bendix of 6V and 12V Starters. The 6V has fewer teeth, and they are somewhat "heavier" in appearance. The housings are the same. The 3/OD Starter "can" be used in a 4-speed car, but the ring-gear must be in good condition. It generally will not last as long. The 4-speed Starter can be used in other manual transmission cars- but you MUST use washers or some other spacers, to set the starter back. Otherwise, the Bendix will engage too far, and damage to the ring-gear or Bendix will result (it's also real noisy!). The Automatic starter cannot be used in any Manual Transmission car- and vice-versa.


6cyl and 6V Starters (coming soon)