Replacing the Original Felt Timing Cover Seal- with a Modern Neoprene Seal

The original felt seal for the timing cover of a V8 Studebaker- WILL LEAK as it ages. While it's nice to keep the front crossmember and framerails from rusting- It messes up the driveway (you drive your Stude don't you?) or perhaps the garage floor. This is a common problem with the Studebaker V8s. For many years, Ingvar Vic (Western Lake Erie Chapter), would machine the hub and add a neoprene seal to the front timing gear covers. I had Ingvar do several for me over the years, and the results were excellent. However, sending the cover off- and waiting for it to return- was sometimes problematic for me and my customers. One of our NCSDC Club Members came up with the following conversion. Just about anyone can do it easily- with the bare minimum of tools. If you are skilled enough to tackle the job of assembling an engine- you can certainly handle this conversion.

What you need:

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