Typical Post-War Studebaker
Windlace Replacement

Page 1- Windlace Removal

Trim and Interior Removal:

  1. Remove the fiber or carpeted kick panels at the sides of the driver and passenger feet (A) 

  2. Remove the metal Kick panel/windlace retaining strip (B)...if equipped.

  3. Remove the rear seat (if needed) to access the rear side interior panels. Remove them (C). There may be a metal retaining strip at the front of the panel- such as on GT Hawks and other hardtop bodies

  4. Remove the interior trim from the B-pillar on cars so equipped (4-doors). Usually, it is a masonite board with push-in clips or screws. An interior trim-clip removal tool is recommended, but (2) stiff putty knives will also work. Be careful- more than likely you will pull the clip through the cardboard/masonite. 

  5. Remove any windlace retaining clips or strips (D)


Headliner Removal- to access the windlace

Loosening the Headliner: (for cars in which you want to SAVE the headliner)

  1. Remove any reveal molding around the inside of the front windshield, and the rear window if the windlace runs near it.

  2. With a stiff putty knife, insert it between the headliner and the windlace. Pry the putty knife outwards- to separate the headliner from the windlace about 1/4".  Do this where the headlining is in the way- usually above the door only. On some cars (C-bodies), it may be necessary to remove a trim panel from in front of the quarter window also.

  3. Once you have achieved a 1/4" gap between the headliner and windlace, you can use a crochet hook to fish the tucked-in end tab of the headliner out of the gap.

  4. Grab the end of the tab with your fingers, Using a very dull putty knife with rounded ends, OR a wide stiff plastic tool, Push the headlining upward and outward- to unhook it from the headliner-retainers teeth.

  5. Once you have the headliner unhooked from the retainer, you can slide the headliner towards the center of the car on the bow-sleeves. You will only gain about 4" access room.

  6. Now, the headliner retainers need to be removed. These are held on in a variety of methods. They have screws, and clips holding them. I hope you already know how to remove a screw, but the clips need to be grabbed with pliers and turned 90-degrees. This will allow the clip to slide out of the slot in the retainer.

  7. With the retainers and clips out of the way, you can now remove most of the windlace simply by pulling it loose. In several places the "tab" on the windlace will be held by small V-shaped clips stamped into the body of the car. These will need to be pried open using a small screwdriver or awl. These need to remain open until you are ready to re-install the windlace.

Windlace Installation:
(coming soon)- Until then, look at the
Headliner Installation page