Typical Studebaker Car and Truck
Windlace Installation

Now that you have followed the Windlace Removal process , It's time to reinstall the new Windlace. Postwar Studebaker Windlace is somewhat unique. It has a much wider tab on it than the standard off-the-shelf Windlace you can purchase at most auto interior supply stores. The original Windlace also had a metal screen sewn into the tab- so that the Windlace was held in place better. Most home hobbyists do not have access to a suitable wire screen to add to the new Windlace. What I have done, is used a heavy denim material, that has been starched to make it stiff. This is sewn to the Windlace on the headliner-side of the Windlace tab.

  1. Windlace with "tab" sewn to it. The tab should be 1"- 1 1/8" long, measured from the edge of the urethane foam core

  2. The Windlace is installed under the existing stamped body clips around the door openings. You may have to cut V-shaped notches in the Windlace tab- to get it around some tight corners. Do not cut them within 1/4" of the Windlace core. It is best to do these one-at-a-time- so you don't accidentally cut a notch where a retaining clip needs to hold the tab.
    When tightening the clips... Do NOT flatten the entire clip with a hammer. Use a punch or small chisel against the TIP of the clip only. The edge of the foam core must fit snugly against the inner flange of the roofline, and the core must hang just below the flange. Do NOT fold the tab to get the Windlace into position, If the tab is slightly too long, cut or trim the tab to allow proper positioning.

    This allows the door to seal nicely against the weather strip and the Windlace when fully closed.

  3. Once you have the Windlace installed all the way around the door opening. Re-install the upper door Headliner Retainer and any other sheet metal Windlace retainers. These are usually found on the lower sections of the door opening - for extra support- where the Windlace will be contacted while entering or exiting the vehicle. Install the front kick-panel retaining strip, and/or the fiber kick panel.

    **To install the Headliner Retainer- slip the Retainer over the clips through the slots. Install any screws first- to hold the retainer in place. Grab the square clips with wide-jaw linesman pliers. Turn the clips 90 degrees- while pulling outward on the pliers, and pressing the Headliner Retainer inward.

    I also like to add a washered-interior screw through the Foam core at the end of the Windlace. Be sure the Windlace is long enough to tuck under the carpet.

  4. Install the Headliner and Interior panels