Custom 3-Point Hitch for Garden Tractors
(Cub Cadet shown)

Click on the FIRST image for a larger photo,  description, and then follow the arrows... 
DSC07491 DSC07492
Mounting Plate- Tack welded bracingI don't know why I took 2-pics... DOH!
DSC07493 DSC07494
Lift-arm tabs installedDSC07494.jpg
DSC07495 DSC07496
Pre-fitting Pivot for Upper Lift Lever- tack-welded . Lift Lever components- Thick wall tubing inside square channel
DSC07497 DSC07499
Lift lever- arm layout (didn't use all- due to clearance problem)Lift-Lever finished
DSC07500 DSC07501
Lift Lever (upper) and Hitch Link (lower) finishedDSC07501.jpg
DSC07502 DSC07504
Starting on upper lift armsUpper Lift Arms bent for more clearance
DSC07505 DSC07506
Lower receiver plate- for a class 1 reciever (weld/bolt on)Test-lift of lower receiver (don't like the receiver angle)
DSC07507 DSC07508
Lifting sleeve and lift chains (temporary)DSC07508.jpg
DSC07509 DSC07510
2nd design- required rear axle cover removal. Making a new gasket...
DSC07511 DSC07512
Axle cover re-installedNew tilt-lever tack-welded to receiver plate
DSC07513 DSC07514
Parts Painting DSC07514.jpg
DSC07515 DSC07516
Upper pivot arm and mount installedReceiver will stay level!    6 1/2" travel      I LIKE IT!
DSC07518 DSC07519
Temporary 1" Receiver . Don't have any 1 1/4" handyI'll find some 1 1/4" tommorrow